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Success is the smile on our young people's faces when they get jobs! Outcomes Circle has already achieved excellent results in supporting its young people into work which crucially in the majority of cases are sustained. We have run 8 courses with 97 young people completing it. Through our intense and focused one-to-one delivery, mentoring and support, we have place over 80% young people into full-time jobs. Circle believes this success is due to first and foremost to its ability to change mind sets in young people and establish the self belief that a brighter future is attainable. This is the difference reported by our graduates which coupled with the vocational skills and work experience gained enables them to secure employment. 120 disadvantaged young people trained. 97 disadvantaged  young people completed the courses. 80% youngsters (78 youngsters) gained full-time employment in just over 4 years. 90% of these still have more ...

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Jobs for the Jobless Generation

So you've seen it now, the stereotype of young people and the block between them and their dreams. It isn't them, it's the misconception that society has on what they should be doing with their futures, not what they want. Young people like Reuven wants a job in accountancy but he's stereotyped as having the potential to be a drug dealer. Eniola wants to work in the fashion industry but is told to just have kids and live off benefits; it's things like this that damage young people's self-esteem and stop them from living their dreams. This is what is creating the jobless generation and the rise of NEETs is something we all need to work together to fix. As you can see from our video, these are just stereotypes, these young people are showing hard work and dedication to get into the field that they want despite everything that has been thrown at them, so lets give them that chance! We've already trained up 120 young people and g more ...

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Circle Sports’ Royal Visit

Circle Sports was thrilled to welcome HRH Prince Charles to our Westminster store on the morning of Tuesday 29th January. We had all been excitedly anticipating the event for months, and it did not disappoint. Turly Humphreys, our Director, was particularly delighted: “To be honoured with this visit within two years of opening is amazing, but reflects the need for these small projects and dedicated staff.” The royal visit was in support of the Prince's Seeing Is Believing tour, part of the campaign from charity Business In The Community, to experience first-hand how social enterprises are tackling youth unemployment. At a recent event, His Royal Highness was quoted as lamenting, " What it seems we're lacking is that element in educational process of character . . . if at the end of the day you can't actually cope with the world out there, the kind of interaction that's required of people, it is impossible it seems to me to ma more ...

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