Our Vision

Circle Sports exists to help young people and the wider community get the best out of themselves. We help children and young people of all backgrounds to do sport, by making sports kit and clothing affordable and providing practical help. We make new and recycled sports clothes and kit affordable by all. We p more ...

July 03, 2012 (0) comments

Get the Fikay Fashion

Here at Circle Sports we are very excited to announce a new brand we are now selling in our store in Hackney and also on our brand new ecommerce store! [caption id="attachment_1523" align="alignleft" width="201"] Want a bag like this? Buy one from Circle Sports today![/caption] What are we selling you may ask more ...

December 18, 2014 (0) comments

Circle Sports’ Royal Visit

Circle Sports was thrilled to welcome HRH Prince Charles to our Westminster store on the morning of Tuesday 29th January. We had all been excitedly anticipating the event for months, and it did not disappoint. Turly Humphreys, our Director, was particularly delighted: “To be honoured with this visit within tw more ...

February 01, 2013 (0) comments

Local sports

Interested in taking up sport for the first time or getting better at a sport you already play? Or maybe you’re an aspiring athlete and you need some extra help to push yourself further? Circle Sports provides a one-stop hub for sports information across the Westminster area. You can find: Information about c more ...

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